Aligners Simplified

Dr. Asinmaz Prefers Precision Align to Invisalign

Dr. Eriks Minimal attachments & IPR with this system

Dr. Friedland Precision Align cuts chair time by 80%

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Are You Tired Of Your Cases Getting Sent Overseas?

With Precision Align you have open access to our team of

Orthodontists that is located right here in the US.

Save time and money

With Precision Align you pay around 45% less than the average aligner program will charge you per treatment plan. Think of all the extra free time you’ll have, and how much this will effect your bottom line. Your practice can benefit massively from utilizing such a great service!

We're here to make your life easier.

Let’s face it.. as a Dentist it can be time consuming to create, and finishing a plan to move your patient’s teeth. The Precision Align team does all of that work for you.

Our company’s goal is to provide your Dental Practice with a team of Board-Certified Licensed Orthodontists without the need for you to go out, and hire any additional staff! We will create the entire treatment plan for you, and all of our aligners are hand crafted here in the US.

Are you tired of having to go through the hassle of dealing with other Aligner Companies? Don’t want to have to spend hours planning, stressing, and learning how to move your patient’s teeth? With Precision Align we cut out all the extra work for you.

We look forward to becoming an extension of your Practice!

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